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Details Research-What-Why-and-How-A-Treatise-from-Researchers-to-Researchers

[{ Research: What, Why and How?: A Treatise from Researchers to Researchers By Kasi, Pm ( Author ) Jul - 29- 2009 ( Paperback ) } ]

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Details Advanced-Focus-Group-Research

Advanced Focus Group Research Specifically written for researchers and students with a fundamental knowledge of focus group research, the book gives numerous examples of what researchers should and should not do in designing their own research ...

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Details Practitioner-Research-at-Doctoral-Level-Developing-Coherent-Research-Methodologies

Practitioner Research at Doctoral Level This book explores the idea that the critical position that doctoral students must achieve in terms of both their research and the research setting is, at best, extremely difficult and, at worst, may be ...